Brief History and Old Photos

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A brief history: KEH Camera Brokers was founded in 1979. We began advertising in Shutterbug Magazine to buy and sell high-quality used photo equipment for professionals, serious amateurs, and collectors. Soon after, we also became dealers of new equipment for numerous brands. In 1984, we acquired Atlanta Photo Supply, which was the oldest camera store in Atlanta. Both companies were brought under one roof in 1986 in a 12,000 square foot building on 14th street in Atlanta.

We are currently located in Smyrna, GA (right outside of Atlanta city limits but still considered in the "greater Atlanta area"). Our building is now 24,000 square feet, and the warehouse occupies 16,000 of it.

Now a few photos, circa mid-late 1980s. Most of these were taken for our catalogs, and the people pictured are employees that still work here!

Does this shot look familiar? Look at this post again.

Promo shots above, to show our "friendly returns" person.
Promo shots above for sales brought on stalkers for this gal!

If you look closely at this contact sheet, you'll notice an Atlanta Photo Supply sign on the wall. When we bought Atlanta Photo Supply, this guy came with the deal.

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