Photography Meetup Groups

5/14/2010 1 Comments A+ a-

Whether you're interested in getting more involved in photography, learning more, networking with other photographers, receiving feedback, going on shooting field trips, or sharing your knowledge with other photographers, a meet-up group may be just the thing you were looking for.

If you're not super connected, don't have good Internet research skills, or are new to an area, the site makes it super simple to find a group with similar interests near you. They have listings for over 1,000 groups in 22 countries.

You will first select your country, then zip code/postcode/Province/City. The listings will tell you: the name, a short summary of what the group is about, covered topics, location, distance from you, number of members, and a rating.

Groups range from tiny informal clubs to large well-known photo societies. Most of them are open to anyone- both pro photographer and amateur/hobby photographers. It doesn't cover every group or society, but it's a great place to start looking for the right match for you.

Keep this is mind: Networking is a huge part of our industry and a good photographer never stops learning!

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