Ideas for Father's Day

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Father's Day is fast approaching (it's June 20th).
If the man in your life is a camera lover, I bet there's something on my list of picks he will like.
(You can click on grades/prices to be taken to the website for purchase)
Rollei Twin Lens Reflex, 4.0 FW 50 F4 Super Angulon HFT (Bay IV). LN-, $4,459
Bronica ETRS 20th Anniversary, brown leather.
2 in stock. 1 with 120 back and AE-II, $325. 1 body only, $235. Plus, (2) 120 20th Ann. brown leather backs in stock, $84 each. All in EX+ condition.
Ricoh subminiature 16 Golden with 25 F3.5 in cm Riken, case. BGN, $119.

And for the Leica fans: Leica burlap bag (lens case), 6X9", EX $25. Stick pin with gold color "R" body, EX $8. Sterling silver commem coin (Barnack 1879-1936/ R4 mot) with box, EX $35. Neck tie, brown, 50th Anniversary, EX $23.
Happy Fathers Day (in advance)!

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