Online Quote Wizard Tips

6/09/2010 0 Comments A+ a-

I've noticed these two things specifically happening frequently, so a couple of "tips" is in order...

When filling out our online quote form (for selling your gear to us), and inputting your digital lenses, choose your lens from under the menu for the camera it mounts to. For example, if you have a digital Sigma lens, with a Nikon mount (for digital Nikon cameras), then you will choose the appropriate lens under the Nikon digital menu instead of the Sigma digital menu. Lenses under the Sigma digital menu will be for digital Sigma camera bodies, and not for Nikon, Canon, etc. bodies. (The same is also true for a few other brands that have their own categories including Tamron.)

Another thing to look out for is when choosing the correct Aperture, or Aperture range. Typically, when reading a lenses information, you will see the focal length, and then the apertures. The F-stop that has most people confused is F2. F1.2 is often chosen on accident because the way it reads on a lens is 1:2. So, 1:2 is F2, and 1:1.2 is F1.2. You read the numbers after the colon to determine which lens you have. In some cases, you can double check this by looking down at the lenses actual F-stop ring (most film lenses have one, most new digital lenses do not). The smallest aperture is listed right on it. So if you see: 22 16 11 8 5.6 3.5, then there's no way you could have a 1.2 lens.

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