Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

8/11/2010 0 Comments A+ a-

It's "tip week", and we'll be bringing you one creative shooting tip a day...

Tip 3: Get out of your comfort zone. Take a chance, push yourself to shoot something out of your familiar areas, and something that you may not have 100% confidence in. It will help you learn and grow as a photographer, and could help to create really meaningful images. (When I say "get out of your comfort zone and familiar areas", I am not referring to any unsafe situations. Please always remember to be smart first, and to not put yourself in any compromising situations.)
(The above image was taken as part of a series. I was asked to shoot a bikers funeral procession which left me feeling a little uneasy. I was worried about someone getting offended by taking photographs in a situation where in America, it's very uncustomary. I was also worried that since it was a one time thing, and that the thing I needed to capture would be moving quickly, that I might not be able to get the shots that the family wanted, and of course I wouldn't have the option to re-shoot. I accepted the assignment regardless of my fears and ended up with an amazing series that meant a lot to a large group of people, as well as myself.)

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