Camera Guessing Game Answers

11/12/2010 0 Comments A+ a-

So, lets see how you did with Mondays Camera guessing game post...
(Listed with brands first, then camera models, + formats.)

1: Canon, 5D (full frame digital)

2: Argus, C3 (vintage, 35mm)

3: Canon, AE1 Program (35mm film)

4: Hasselblad, 500cm (medium format)

5: Holga, 120s (medium format)

6: Contax, G1 (35mm)

7: Kodak, DCS Pro (digital)

8: Leica, M2 (35mm)

9: Nikon, D90 (digital)

10: Mamiya, RB67 Pro S (medium format)

11: Minox, B (subminiature)

12: Nikon, F Photomic FTN (35mm)

13: Olympus, EP1 (Micro 4/3 digital)

14: Nikonos, V (underwater, 35mm)

15: Olympus, XA (35mm)

16: Pentax, K1000 (35mm)

17: Rollei, Rolleiflex 3.5 E3 (medium format)

18: Sony, A500 (digital)