Ecomagination Photo Project

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The Ecomagination Photo Project allows anyone to turn their photos of wind, water, and light into real donations for communities in need. The process is simple, just upload your images to the Flick group, and tag them with the appropriate "wind", "water" or "light". By doing this, GE will donate to one (or more) of three partnered charities.

The photo to donation ratio translates like this:
* 1 light photo = 175 hours of solar power
* 1 wind photo = 4.5 kw hours of wind powered energy
* 1 water photo = 480 gallons of drinking water

"Our Ecomagination photo gallery spotlights the creativity required to nurture a growing economy powered by cleaner, more efficient energy sources."

Find the Flickr group here
For more information on the project:

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