ICA Minimum Palmos

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This rare example of a turn of the 20th century camera that was made from 1909-1920’s. It was made by Carl Zeiss Palmos Camerabau. ICA was a formation of many camera companies and the initials stand for International Camera AG. ICA stopped making the camera when Zeiss Ikon took over around 1926.

This camera is a compact, folding, plate camera which utilizes a Focal Plane shutter made from cloth. The focal plane shutter allows for a broad range of shutter speeds.

Features of the ICA Minimum Palmos:
-Lens shift and rotation
-Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 80mm or f2.7 lens
-Folding camera body
-Ground glass
-Sports finder
-Leather covering
-Leather bellows
-Helicoid focusing front element
-Vertical cloth focal plane shutter 1/50-1/1000
-4.5x6cm- This size was not introduced until 1925 which was ICA’s smallest FP camera

* Available in EX+ condition, $599. Also comes with pack film back. Find it here.

- Patrick Douglas

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