Photo Party Supplies

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If one were to host a photography or camera themed party, here's a few items one might want to incorporate.... (All items found on Etsy: handmade, vintage, and supplies)

For the invites and thank yous: Retro Camera 3D Greeting Card
Tea and Ceremony, $5.50

For cupcakes and cheese: Vintage Camera Cupcake Picks
Flapper Girl, set of 8, $10

For party decorations: The Vintage Camera Garland
Flapper Girl, $24

More decorations (or a fun craft table): Baby Box Camera Printable Paper Craft PDF File
Girlie Pains, $4

For party favors: Mini Retro Camera Business Card Gadget Case
Cb Sew, $13.50

For fun and games: Vintage Style Hand Stamped Camera Carnival Tickets
Moon Faces, $ 2.25

For photo taking fun: Photo booth sign
Perty.ful.tings, $8

For photo booth fun: The Ultimate Party on a Stick Kit- Photo booth Party Props
Little Retreats, kits range $8-$52

You could also use:
* Some of these for menu boards or signs
* And some of these for containers

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