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Lets see how you did from last Thursdays camera equipment brand riddle challenge...

1. Adam + Bilbo Baggins' nephew: Manfrotto

2. 18th letter in the Greek alphabet: Sigma

3. Not yours, but ____ + heavy work animal: Minox

4. What Samuel did in the choir: Samsung

5. Where the Greek Gods live: Olympus

6. Stitching your patella: Sony

7. Lambert and Cosgrove: Miranda

8. New York's favorite flash equipment: Metz

9. Writing utensil + one of life's certainties: Pentax

10. The greatest mountain in Japan: Fuji

11. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell's favorite flash equipment: Quantum

12. Standing close to a prisoner: Nikon

13. The opposite of can't off: Canon

14. The ends of the earth + hemorrhoids: Polaroid

15. Dracula's enemy runs with wolves: Sunpak

16. Sticking these in your eyes will help you see: Contax

17. Enemy of Batman, DC comics circa 2000: Zeiss

18. Cooking utensil of everyones favorite hedgehog: Panasonic

19. Mama Miya - ma: Mamiya

20. Polli's first name: Rollei

21. The best swindler there is: Topcon

22. If the space shuffle set down on Ratso's friend, Joe Buck: Voightlander

23. If Brad + Angelina = Brangelina, then Brian + Monica = : Bronica

* If you had fun with this game, we posted a camera guessing game last November... did you miss it? Try your hand at that one HERE

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