Symmetrical Portraits

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Symmetrical Portraits is a series of photographic portraits by artist Julian Wolkenstein. The subjects in these portraits were carefully cast, all positioned directly face-forward to the camera, and were asked not to show any emotion or character. The project focuses on facial features, proportions, and more specifically on facial symmetry.

The artist states, "There is a myth, some say a science, suggesting people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more " attractive".
If you are made symmetrical, do you consider yourself more beautiful, less so, or is it just weird? Or is it you at all? Do you have a best side? What is to be said of left and right brain dominance?"

Wolkenstein has also created an accompanying website to the project called Echoism, as the term Echoism relates to facial symmetry in its physiognomical sense. Users can upload their own photos (it's free) either using an iPhone application or a webcam app. Users images are split, made symmetrical, and placed on the website along with other user photos. Get your own symmetrical portrait made at

all photos © Julian Wolkenstein, used with permission

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