Minolta XM Motor

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Despite Nikon, Leica, and Canon being the front runners for the professional market, Minolta introduced the XM Motor in 1976 to give Minolta photographers a chance in the big leagues. The XM Motor (also know as the XK or X1 in other countries) was the first 35mm SLR camera produced for motorized operation with automatic/manual exposure and frame rate control and an interchangeable viewfinder. It was also the world's first professional 35mm SLR with an electronic shutter and aperture priority.

By design, the XM Motor offered a more reliable, efficient motor because it is built into the body of the camera. Compared to detachable motors on competitor cameras, the XM Motor was more durable and better for extended heavy-duty use. The Motor could be set to S (single frame) or 1,2,3 and “H” (3.5) continuous frames per second.

The XM Motor is considered a very rare item for Minolta collectors. It was certainly not a lightweight model however, because it needed 10 AA batteries to power the motor!

Minolta XM Motor Black with AE Prism, (*battery door broken), EX+ condition- $1,950. Find it here.

- Mollie Clark

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