Why Buy Refurbished Camera Equipment?

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There are several great reasons to buy refurbished photographic products including:

- Most refurbished gear is brand new, returned product, from a retailer or was used as a demonstration display unit.

- The item's manufacturer is the one who actually does the refurbishing, so the piece of equipment has gone through their inspection process like a new camera does.

- Quality is usually indistinguishable from new.

- The savings can approach 40% off buying the same item new.

 - The manufacturer includes a factory 90 day warranty.

- And buying refurbs from KEH is even extra special because we stand behind all refurbished products with an additional 3 month warranty, giving you a 6 month warranty at no charge!

* We currently have a variety of refurbished Nikon SLR cameras, lenses, and digital point and shoot cameras in stock. If an item is a refurb, it will specifically say so in the description. Check out our inventory here.

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