Gyro-Stabilizer Ken-Lab KS-6

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The Gyro-Stabilizer Ken-Lab KS-6 helps keep troublesome vibrations from destroying image quality by dampening bumps, bounces, and camera shake. It's even more effective than a modern image-stabilized lens because it stabilizes the whole camera. It allows for steady sequences and smooth panning for medium format cameras or long lenses, without the loss of hand-held freedom of motion. The KS-6 is easily attached to camcorders, videotape television cameras, or any camera with a standard tripod mount.

It's a great accessory for shooting in the air, in a speeding car, or even sailing across the water. Specifications- Size: 3.4" diameter x 5.8" long. Weight: 3.25 lbs (52 oz.). Power: 115 volts, 400 Hz, 26 watts starting with 11 watts running after 4 minutes. 3 hours running on a fully charged KP-6 Power pack. Panning Rate: 20 degrees per second

Comes with KI-12-6 inverter, battery, charger, and misc. case- 
EX+ condition, $1,950. Find it here.

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