Customize Your Camera Strap

9/08/2011 1 Comments A+ a-

© BlondeShot Creative

Are you tired of having a plain ol' camera strap? Customize it! There are tons of possibilities... you can (clockwise from top left): stud it, crochet a scarf-like slip cover (great for the winter months!), use embroidery thread and stitch a pattern or design, *cover a hand strap ala friendship-bracelet style, add patches, sew on some ribbon or lace.

© Four Feathers Photo. Hand beaded on a loom by Jen Edwards.

You could also do some bead work (above), add pins or buttons, sew a slipcover with your favorite fabric, add some fabric paint, add your initials, glue rhinestones onto it, bedazzle it, or make and attach a lens cap/memory card pouch.

* Tomorrow we're going to show you step-by-step how to cover your point and shoot camera strap like this. Stay tuned!

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