Photo Tips For The Fall Season

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I personally love shooting in the fall. The crisp weather feels great and gives me an extra kick of enthusiasm after a long, hot summer in the south. It's a great season to consider shooting your normal stuff outside (if it permits of course). It's also a great time for adding in some additional photo fun- Capture images of the food, activities, decorations, festivals, and colors of the season.

General season inspiration:

* Capture the colors of fall

* How to shoot a silhouette 

* Create a filter

Halloween inspired:

* Spooky Effects for Halloween Shooting

* A Creepy Effect for Darkroom Printing

* Jumping off for dramatic lighting

* More Halloween shooting ideas

Other things/Holiday prep:

* Photo Charities (while these are great to offer your services to year-round, it's an especially great time to think about getting involved since the holiday season is coming up!)

* It's a great time to take care of your equipment- send your gear into our repair center for a little cleanup and preventative maintenance work.

* And of course, start working on your Christmas (or other holiday) camera gear wish-lists, and send in your used gear for cash or trade-in value.

Happy 1st day of Autumn!

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