Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Party Ideas and Photo Craft Decorations

This holiday season, incorporate some of your favorite photos and photographic related items into your decorating, gifting, crafts, and holiday parties! 

Photo Snow Globes (tutorial), by: Gabrielle Blair
Photo Strip Garland (tutorial), by: Shelley Haganman 
Felt Polaroid Ornaments (tutorial), by: Katie Haddox

Film Canister Lights
Film Canister Xmas Lights, photo by: Dan Pope, lights by: Sarah Macfarlane
Candlestick Photo Holders, by: Brittany of One Charming Party

Other Ideas:

* Photo gift tags
* Holiday craft ideas from Kodak
* A photo (metal) star
* Photo ornaments (balls)
* Christmas tree photo cards
* Photo lanterns
* Gift wrapping with photo toppers
* Fork place-card/photo card holders
* Use flashbulbs for wintery decor
* Wrap your packages with film bows, camera straps, and more
* Other photo party supplies  
* Set up a holiday party photo booth