Happy Holidays!

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We hope you will capture the season and click with the new year!

Best wishes for a great holiday from your friends at KEH Camera


Holiday schedule reminder: KEH will be closed on Saturday, December 24th-Monday, December 26th and Sunday, January 1st-Monday, January 2nd.

The KEH Blog (and social media pages) is taking its annual vacation and will not be posting between 12/23-1/2. We will see you again after New Years on Tuesday, January 3rd.

If you need any assistance with orders or questions during this time period, please contact our sales/customer service department (phone: 770-333-4200) since any questions left on the social media pages will likely not be responded to until January 3rd. Thank you and have a great holiday!

P.S.- A huge "thanks" to all of our great customers and blog readers for all of your support this past year (and years past). We have some exciting things coming in the new year and are looking forward to sharing them with you. 

Best Business and Photo Advice

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A few weeks ago we posed the question to all of out social media followers- "What's the best business or photography advice you have received?" Here are some of the replies...

Beginning photographers think about cameras. Intermediate photographers think about composition. Advanced photographers think about light.

Just keep shooting. You're not getting any better thinking about doing it. GO DO IT.

As for business advice: Give a 2% discount for payment within 10 days. No accounts payable department will be able to resist it. And charge for waiting -- if you are scheduled to do something and then the client isn't ready, charge a partial fee for waiting, like a taxicab.

Don't work for free. If you don't value your work, why should anyone else?

Put agreements in writing. Use email whenever possible to conduct business because you have a timestamped verifiable record of communication.

Learn what you don't want to learn about photography and the rest will come naturally!

Start small.

Guarantee your money.

Don't spend what you don't have.

‎Buy a sturdy tripod.

Shoot RAW.

Shop KEH.

To keep the passion alive.

Best advice ever was a pro-photographer telling me that his best time was at school. That saved me from running my business.

Shoot what matters to you. Don't get caught up in the "rules".

If you are not slightly embarrassed about what you charge, then it isn't enough.

For business, photography, and life, and no pun intended - focus, focus, focus.

Enjoy your hobbies.

Quit and become a doctor.

‎If you're not meeting the bottom line, stop wasting your time.

If you are good at what you do... don't do it for free.

The quickest way to make money from photography...is to sell your camera (through KEH, of course).

My favorite wedding photography advice I received- When it is time to have the bride throw the bouquet, ask her to start with a fake throw, then a real throw. You get a great shot of her throwing but don't miss the catch.

Underexpose Kodachrome by 1/3 stop.

Compose and make sure the lighting settings are correct in your camera instead of having to spend time fixing it later in Photoshop or some other photo editing software!

Don't forget about etiquette- hand written thank you notes go a long way.

Never stop learning.

It's Not Too Late! Get Free Express Shipping!

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It's not too late to get your orders by Christmas! Order from Monday, December 19th through Wednesday, December 21st (up until 2:00 p.m. Eastern) and receive free 2-day shipping with orders of used gear over $100. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to keh.com and start shopping!

Promotion applies to the contiguous United States only, but don't worry international customers, we haven't forgotten about you... we're working on something special just for you in the upcoming new year, so stay tuned!

Need a little something extra to bump your order up to the minimum to get free shipping? How about adding one of our 2012 Photo Calendars, they make great stocking stuffers!

Here's what some people have said about our calendar...

"I really like this calendar. You can feel deepness in the pictures and they will inspire me to try some other photographic styles."

"The calendar is fantastic. Stunning pictures, I'm looking forward to the new year so that it can take pride of place in my home!" 
"Just received my calendar and it's beautiful. I might just hang it up early."
"I recently received my copy of the 2012 KEH Camera Calendar, and after the New Year it will be hanging next to my desk at work. It contains stunning photographs by great artists. When I look at it in the coming year, I hope that it can inspire me, and that one day one of my own photos will be in it."
"My calendar arrived yesterday and it is awesome!"

The Lens Mount Guide: Part 3

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Contax G, AF (Rangefinder) 35mm

Contax 645, AF Medium Format

Contax N, AF 35mm

Contax, MF 35mm

Zeiss Contax Rangefinder, MF 35mm

Zeiss Contaflex, MF 35mm

Zeiss Contarex, MF 35mm

Kodak Retina Reflex, MF 35mm

Kodak Retina, MF (Rangefinder) 35mm

Fuji G690BL, MF Medium Format

Fuji GX680, MF Medium Format
Fuji GX617, MF Panoramic Medium Format

Konica, MF 35mm

Sony Alpha, AF D-SLR

Sony E System (NEX), AF D-SLR

Rollei 35mm (2 pin), MF 35mm

Rollei 35mm (3 pin), MF 35mm

Rollei 35mm (1- chrome pin denotes "1 pin". 2- chrome lever denotes "2 pin". 3- recessed ridge around mount denotes "3 pin"), MF 35mm

Rollei Medium Format, MF Medium Format

Exacta (with shutter release arm/automatic presetting device- not on all Exacta lenses), MF 35mm

Miranda, MF 35mm

Panasonic Digital, AF D-SLR

Sigma Digital (SA mount), AF D-SLR

Topcon, MF 35mm
Topcon (with shutter release arm), MF 35mm

Yashcia, AF 35mm

Tamron Adaptall (without adaptall mount), MF 35mm

Tamron Adaptall (with removable adaptall mount for Nikon), MF 35mm

"T mount" (Screw-on mount adapter)

"TX mount" (TX mount adapter on a lens. Identified by O-L switch on side)

Large Format Lens

Enlarger lens (darkroom)

More Information-

Abbreviations used above:
AF = Auto focus
MF = Manual focus
D-SLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex

Lens Mount Guide:
Part 1
Part 2

Photos of the Month

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A bit of escapism never hurt anyone.
A bit of escapism never hurt anyone, by: Little Pink Weeble
Untitled, by: Rachel Carrier
1960s Shoot 01
1960s Shoot 01, by: Lance King
Saira & Yasir's Engagement Ceremony | Acworth, GA | Atlanta Pakistani Wedding Photographer
Saira and Yasir's Engagement Ceremony, by: Feng Long
Atlantic Station Christmas Lights
Atlantic Station Christmas Lights, by: HamWithCam
Tree Branch Bokeh
Tree Branch Bokeh, by: Herb G.

Untitled, by: Bill Watt

Vermelho e preto
Vermelho e preto, by: domyzio
Old Folks' Home
Old Folks' Home, by: Dorothy Gray
Honeymoon at Mauritius
Honeymoon at Mauritius, by: Jussi Hellsten
En Reparacion, by: Alfonso Campos
Times Square's Micky and Minnie
Times Square's Mickey and Minnie, by: rnj97
Untitled, by: lulia Pirvu
Steps & Rail
Steps and Rail, by: abe.o
Orange County - Eno River Basin
Orange County- Eno River Basin, by: Holden Richards

* All photos submitted to the KEH Flickr group. Submit your photos for next month here.