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There's a few things I wanted to address real quick since we have been getting a lot of questions and having recent discussions about the following topics...

As-Is Equipment- Yes, we recently posted a blog article (which has seen been temporarily pulled) that talked about the As-Is, or AI category at KEH. It happened to be ironic and bad timing , but a few days after the article was published the category needed to be suddenly (and temporarily) taken off the web. For now, the AI inventory is not available for sale. We are having an internal evaluation of the entire category and in the process of determining the future of it. We apologize for any inconvenience, and will let you know when it's back up and available to shop in again. 

Increased Buy Prices- We have RAISED our buy-prices on tons of digital camera bodies, lenses, and accessories, which means we are paying the highest market prices in order to increase our digital product inventory. So if you have been thinking about selling or trading some of your digital equipment, now is the time! You can either call one of our professional buyers at 770-333-4220 or 1-800-342-5534 for a quote, or use our online quote engine- Just click HERE to access.    

Nikon Repairs- You may have already heard (we posted links on the Facebook and Twitter pages last week), but a hot industry topic right now is that Nikon has announced that they will stop selling replacement parts to independent repair shops. How does this affect you and us? Well, Nikon won't let a company be both an authorized dealer (seller) and an authorized repair shop, so we have chosen to be a Nikon authorized dealer. This means that even though our repair technicians are fully trained, and we offer exceptional repair services, you may no longer be able to get your Nikon gear repaired at KEH, which in turn will also lead to longer repair times by having to go directly through Nikon Repair. For more information and to sign the official petition, click here.

The Catalog- People have been wondering why they have not received one of our printed catalogs since last fall. Well, we have (temporarily) discontinued it. We didn't think people were still reading them, especially since by the time they received them, they were typically already out of date because our inventory moves so fast. But the demand has been great for it, so we will be bringing it back. So why the delay? We are reinventing it! It will still have a lot of the same great qualities, but have an updated design with some new features added. We don't have an exact launch date on this yet, but we are expecting the first issue later this year, possibly this summer. We have some really exciting things in store for it, so the wait will totally be worth it!

And since we haven't had a recent catalog, some people have requested this little form that is usually in it. It's not necessary, but if you would like, you can save the image below, print, and send it in with your equipment. 

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