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Leica Screwmount O Series Oskar Barnack Edition w/ 50 F3.5 lens, cap, case, display case, DVD, IB. LN-, $1,669

 Pentax 645D 40 M/P Medium Format D-SLR, w/ USB cable, CD, B&C. New, $9,995.95

 Nikon Digital 55-200 F4-5.6 Tamron DI-II LD Macro (APS-C). New, $39

Apple IPRO Lens System for iPhone 4/4s, w/ wide angle lens, fisheye lens, case, tripod adapter, handle. New, $179

Mamiya 645 Autofocus Polaroid Back (HP402). New, $149

Contax G TLA 200 Flash w/ case. EX+, $109

Kodak Collectible Pin, "Kodak Royal Paper", black with gold. LN, $1.49

Print File 310-4P Archival Preserves, holds 3.5x10 Panoramic prints. New, $0.50

Sony Betamax L-750BT Tape. New, $1.49

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