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Items selected from keh.com...

Nikon 1 J1 10.1 M/P w/ 10-30 F3.5-5.6 lens, battery and charger. Red, LN-, Refurbished, $399.

Nikon S4100 14 M/P digital point & shoot w/ Cbs, CD, B&C, IB. Plum, LN-, Refurbished, $49.

Mamiya RZ Auto Spacer (for short barrel lenses) w/ caps. New, $59. (It provides for the full focusing range of the Short Barrel lenses, making them equivalent to the standard lenses of equal focal length)

Mamiya 645 Autofocus Angle Finder (FA401). New, $239.

Meopta Stereo Mikroma 16mm with cassettes. Untested, EX+, $225 (360° view).

Bronica ETRSI 40th Anniversary w/ 75 F2.8 PE lens, 120 back, AE-III, speed grip, strap, cap, case. LN-, $959.

Leica Screwmount 90 F4 IN CM Elmar "Fat" Black/Nickel. RARE, UG, $299.

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