Friday, October 12, 2012

KEH Camera Road Show Schedule

Did you know that KEH Camera has purchasing agents that travel across the United States buying used photographic equipment?  We may be headed to a town near you!  If you are looking to sell your camera gear, we would love for you to stop by and see us. 

We are constantly updating and adding events to our schedule, so check back often!   The following is our current schedule through the end of the year:


12-13,  Friday & Saturday,  Dodd Camera,  Cincinnati, OH
12-13,  Friday & Saturday,  Pitman Photo Supply,  Miami, FL
13,  Saturday,  Fall Photo Fair,  Newark, CA
15,  Monday,  Redlands Camera Club,  Redlands, CA
17,  Wednesday,  PP of Sacramento Valley Club,  Sacramento, CA
19-20,  Friday & Saturday,  Cameragraphics,  Auburn, AL
19-20,  Friday & Saturday,  Spartan Photo Center,  Spartanburg, SC
21,  Sunday,  Rocky Mountain Regional Camera Show,  Golden, CO
25-27,  Thursday - Saturday,  Photo Plus Expo,  New York, NY
26-27,  Friday & Saturday,  Greg's Camera & 1 Hour Photo,  Tucson, AZ
26-27,  Friday & Saturday,  North Tampa Photography,  Tampa, FL
28,  Sunday,  Photorama USA,  Rolling Meadows, IL
28-30,  Sunday - Tuesday,  Triangle Photographers Association,  Pittsburgh, PA


2-3,  Friday & Saturday,  Cardinal Camera,  Lansdale, PA
2-3,  Friday & Saturday,  Competitive Camera,  Dallas, TX
2-3,  Friday & Saturday,  Cord Camera,  Columbus, OH
2-3,  Friday & Saturday,  Showcase Photo & Video,  Atlanta, GA
3,  Saturday,  Photorama USA,  Fort Washington, PA
4,  Sunday,  Photorama USA,  McLean, VA
9-10,  Friday & Saturday,  Art's Camera Plus,  Greenfield, WI
9-10,  Friday & Saturday,  Colonial Photo & Hobby,  Orlando, FL
9-10,  Friday & Saturday,  Precision Camera,  Austin, TX
16-17,  Friday & Saturday,  Dury's,  Nashville, TN
16-17,  Friday & Saturday,  F-11 Photographic Supplies,  Bozeman, MT
16-17,  Friday & Saturday,  Schiller's Camera & Print Center,  Saint Louis, MO
16-17,  Friday & Saturday,  The Pro Shop for Photographers,  West Palm Beach, FL
30-1,  Friday & Saturday,  Gordon's Photo Service,  Reno, NV


1-2, Saturday & Sunday,  DFW Photo Expo,  Arlington, TX
7,  Friday,  Richmond Camera,  Norfolk, VA
7-8,  Friday & Saturday,  Continental Camera,  Depew, NY
7-8,  Friday & Saturday,  Johnson Photo Imaging,  Bradenton, FL
8,  Saturday,  Richmond Camera,  Fredericksburg, VA
13-15,  Thursday - Saturday,  Unique Photo,  Fairfield, NJ
14-15,  Friday & Saturday,  Southern Photo,  Melbourne, FL
28-29,  Friday & Saturday,  Paul's Photo,  Torrance, CA