Featured Items of the Month

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Items selected from the KEH Camera website:

Nikon 35mm f1.8 G DX AF-S Digital SLR Wide Angle Fixed Focal Length Lens.  New, $196.95.

Leica M9 18 M/P Digital Rangefinder Camera Body w/ Battery & Charger.  Black, New, $6,995.00.

Canon EOS 5D 12.8 M/P Digital SLR Camera Body w/ Battery & Charger.  EX, $665.00.

Mamiya RZ67 Auto Spacer (Short Barrel Lenses) w/ Caps.  New, $59.00.

Pentax K1000 35mm Manual Focus SLR Camera Body.  EX, $139.00. 
Items selected from the KEH Camera Outlet on eBay:

Hasselblad 903 SW Medium Format Camera Body w/ 38mm f4.5 Biogon T* Lens & Finder.  Buy It Now, $3,749.00.

Widelux F8 Panoramic Camera w/ 26mm f2.8 Lux Lens & Leather Case.  Buy It Now, $1,200.00.

Fuji GX680 80mm f5.6 EBC GX Medium Format Fixed Focal Length Lens w/ Case & Caps.  Buy It Now, $239.00.

Heliopan 77mm Digital UV and IR (UV and Infrared Blocking) Slim Filter.  Buy It Now, $195.00.

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