New Year's "Photo" Resolutions

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We've all made New Year's resolutions that we just weren't able to keep.  Either they were too unrealistic, or we simply didn't have a plan in place to stay focused.  Whatever the reason, KEH Camera wants to help you stick to your New Year's goals.   Here's what we can do to keep you on track with your "photo" resolutions! 

1. KEH can help you clean out your closets and put cash in your pocket.  If you have old camera gear that you no longer need or use, our Purchasing Department will pay you top market value for your used photographic equipment.   

2. KEH can help you save money.  We have a consistently replenished inventory of over 65,000 items, so save money by purchasing a used camera outfit.  All of our used items are backed by our 14 day return period and 6 month KEH warranty.  Our knowledgeable Sales Department will be happy to assist you with all your photographic needs.    

3. KEH can help preserve the longevity of your camera gear.  The KEH Repair Center offers cleaning and preventative maintenance on almost every make and model of camera equipment.

4. KEH can help you stay up-to-date on current news and promotions.  Stay connected with KEH Camera by clicking "like" on our Facebook page.  We post all of our current news and promotions on Facebook, as well as other interesting and useful bits of photographic related information.

We're here to help you!  Visit us on the web at, or click HERE for hours & contact information.

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I had my Canon A-1 serviced at KEH and they fixed my motor drive and flash in 2012.

I'm looking to buy a medium format system sometime this year from KEH.

I successfully completed a 2012 New Year's Resolution when I pledged to use B&W film exclusively and completed a Equinox/Solstice Sunrise project.

KEH Camera
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Ralph, those are great resolutions! Thank you so much for sharing them!