Interesting Photo Articles


* Vintage camera toy woodwork craft pattern (pictured above) 

* A really cool wood camera lens lamp

* A rare antique ruby candle darkroom lamp

* How to Plan Ahead for Your Next Hire (a good follow up to our post from last month on hiring an employee to make more money)

* What to Look for When Accepting Payments on Your Website

* The Photographer's New Clothes (an interesting lesson on pluralistic ignorance)

* Snowflake Macro Photos Captured Using a [modified] Canon PowerShot Compact Camera

* There Are Giant Camera Resolution Test Charts Scattered Across the US

* Tutorial: Creating a Photo of Syrup Being Poured on a Pancake Lens

* Coiling Your Cables... You're Doing it Wrong

* Take Your Food Photography Out Of The Kitchen

* A breakdown of 10 photography contests- Are they worthwhile or worthless?

* How Shutter Speed Affects Video

* Work Faster in Photoshop and Lightroom with Batch Processing

* The official movie trailer for Finding Vivian Maier

* How To: Easily Fine Tune Your Flash Right From The Camera

* Q&A: Will My Old Flash Fry My New Remotes?

* How To Make More Money By Selling Custom Photography Products

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  1. Thanks for putting up another "links this week" post - they're so incredibly useful! I always come away with at least 4/5 useful things that I've picked - thanks!

  2. I like these type of posts! Keep 'em coming!

  3. very helpful

  4. Nice. I like these and may try to make my own.
    Joel Hathaway

  5. Man, that Finding Vivian Maier trailer makes me want to go out and shoot some street photography.

  6. Good finds, as always. Thanks!