Photos of the Month Special Edition: People With Camera Gear

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A special and additional "Photos of the Month" today with the theme of "People with Camera Gear". All images submitted to and chosen from the KEH Camera Flickr Group pool (join our group!). To view a photographers profile, click on the image to be directed to their Flickr page.

02022013 E6 35mm tests Ektachrome 200
E6 35mm tests Ektachrome 200, by Fabio Ventura
Sam Leica 90 Cron Portrea 400, by Johnny Martyr
makes you think all the world's a sunny day
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, by Debbie
Juli and the Nikon FE
Juli and the Nikon FE, by Chase Elliott Clark
Self and Rolleiflex
Self and Rolleiflex, by berntln
Berlin_2012_ 010
Berlin 2012, by Richard Roca
Untitled, by Cole McDaniel
Lake Photgrapher - China, July, 2012
Lake Photographer- China, by Melvin Farris
My Office Work
My Office Work, by Paul Vecsei

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Larry Wilder
3/26/13, 10:15 AM delete

This is my first visit to the KEH blog. Although I've shopped KEH before, I did not know about the blog. As a fan of Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) images, I like the camera in hand shots.

3/26/13, 11:45 AM delete

I love seeing all these people out with their cameras!!
Kristin Backhaus

3/27/13, 4:44 PM delete

This makes me want to get out and shoot some film this weekend - Kenton Anderson

3/27/13, 5:51 PM delete

These photos are great! Love seein the person behind the camera.
Coco Alexander