A Camera Technician's Testing Tools

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Just as the cleaning tools featured in A Camera Technician's Cleaning Tools are an important step in the equipment grading process at KEH Camera, our technicians utilize a variety of testing tools to thoroughly check the working condition of every piece of equipment before it is made available for sale.  Below is a behind the scenes look at some of the testing tools used by our technicians to ensure that each item we sell will be in good working order once it reaches our customers.


What: Filter Ring Tool
Use: Repairs Slightly Bent Front Lens Rings

What: Spanner Wrench & Adjustable Spanners
Use: Remove Retaining Rings on Lens Boards

What: Light Box 
Use: Creates Grey Scale for Checking Digital Sensor Imperfections

What: Unique Soft Edge Sensor Cleaning Swabs, D-SLR Brush, 7X Visible Dust® Sensor Loupe & Digital Sensor Cleaning Fluid
Use: Cleans Digital SLR Sensors

What: LensAlign® MkII
Use: Tests Back Focusing & Calibrates Focus of Lenses

What: Minolta Collimator RC 1000 III Machine
Use: Tests Focus & Infinity

What: ZTS Tester V & Light Standard
Use: Checks Shutter Speeds of Leaf & Focal Plane Cameras

What: Kyoritsu Tester
Use: Checks Shutter Speeds for Specific Tolerances on Hasselblad Equipment

- Omar Hosein

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What is the diagnostic tool that you use to determine how many shutter cycles a DSLR has on it? Some type of odometer? I was told by Nikon that they use this equipment, but they never said if it was brand specific or what it's called.