Nikon Offset Bracket

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The Nikon Offset Bracket may look unassuming, but over the years it has become quite a collectible piece.  It first appeared in Nikon's May 1, 1956 price list, and sold for $3.95.  It is an accessory unique to the Nikon Rangefinder system, and was manufactured in Japan.  Due to the age and limited availability of the piece, the Nikon Offset Bracket is a rather obscure accessory for the Nikon Rangefinder system.       

The Nikon Offset Bracket is small, practical and made of metal and gray plastic.  It allows the shooter to mount a BC-IV or BC-V flash unit and maintain cordless flash contact, which was a new feature of the Nikon S2 (manufactured between 1954-1958).  This feature permitted the shooter to position the flash in a 45 degree angle and off to the left to reduce red eye and other undesirable results of a direct flash.

Instead of manufacturing the flash to tilt 45 degrees, Nikon designers believed users of the S2 might desire the ability to use the flash with something other than a normal lens.  The Nikon S2 only had framelines for a 50mm lens built in, so the bracket allows the shooter to mount a proper finder for a different lens.  The result was an accessory that could accommodate both a finder and the flash.  A practical and unique accessory for Nikon Rangefinder collectors!

Click HERE to view the Nikon Offset Bracket on the KEH Camera website.

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