Samoca 28 X

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The Samoca 28 X is a 35mm rangefinder camera produced by the Japanese camera maker Sanei Sangyo.  The camera was manufactured in approximately 1957, and released under the Samoca Camera brand name.  Sanei Sangyo produced cameras for about ten years until the early 1960s, but during that time they released several simple, yet interesting cameras.

The Samoca 28 X has a coupled rangefinder, and features a coated D. Ezumar Anastigmat 50mm f2.8 lens.  It also has a Prontor type shutter with speeds up to 1/200th of a second, and an optical eye level type viewfinder.  The Samoca 28 X also has a built in light meter, and it the body is light, compact and rugged in design.  This particular unit is being sold as is because it no longer winds or fires, but it is still a great vintage find that would make a nice addition to any camera collection.  

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