Kodak 35 Rangefinder

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The Kodak 35 RF is a 35mm rangefinder camera manufactured by Eastman Kodak between 1940-1951.  The first Kodak 35 was produced in 1938 and did not have a rangefinder.  It was also the first 35mm camera manufactured by Kodak in the United States.  Instead of redesigning the Kodak 35 to include a rangefinder, the existing model was simply modified.  This was Kodak's attempt to compete with the successful Argus C3 that was popular at the time.  The outcome was a very unique looking camera with an external housing near the lens that contained the range mirror positioning arm.

The camera features a black Bakelite body with chrome top and base plates.  The centrally positioned window is the viewfinder, and the rangefinder window is below the rewind knob.  The camera also has a Flash Kodamatic shutter with speeds of B, T, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 that are selected by rotating the outer ring.  This particular Kodak 35 RF comes with a Kodak 50mm f3.5 Anastigmat Special lens.  The shutter release is located on the lens barrel instead of on the top plate like most cameras.  To load or remove the film, the entire back and bottom plate detaches from the camera.  While it may not have been the most aptly designed camera of the era, the Kodak 35 RF was certainly unique.      

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