Fall Family Photo Sessions

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Leaves are falling, and the colors are turning vibrant, deep, and rich. It is autumn, and that means family photo sessions are in full swing!

We love all things photography. But there is one thing we love most about it, and that is the ability to capture a feeling in our photos. The connection, the moment, the relationship…these are the things that make a photo beautiful. Family portraits are the perfect time to capture these real and beautiful moments. When photographing families you have a great opportunity to express your creativity and give your clients photos that will inspire them for years to come.



If you are considering photographing Family Photo Sessions this fall, here is a list of some tips and tricks to help you have a successful season.


1.      LET’S TALK

Simple, concise and efficient communication is the key to forming a good relationship with your client from the very beginning, and paves the path to a smooth session. Respond to inquiries promptly letting your client know you value them. Once the session has been scheduled maintain direct communication with them. Get to know them! Relay all of the details with your clients, and both them and you will benefit.


2.      INSPIRE ME

Now that you have taken the time to get to know your client a little better, you should have a goal in mind to create something beautiful and unique for them. Step out of the box here, and alter your view a bit. Realize that although your job title is “photographer”, YOU are an inspired and driven individual who incorporates talent and passion into everything. This is the reason you fell in love with photography in the first place. Use your inspiration to bring out the uniqueness of each family. Present some ideas to the family, and soon you will see their own inspiration blossom. Together you will create the setting for a session that will inspire great moments.



Location always plays a huge factor in setting the mood to a photo. Consider the feel of the area you are choosing, and if it matches the mood in which you are hoping to portray. When scouting out locations, remember that the most essential part of a beautiful photo is beautiful light! It’s always a great idea to push yourself as a photographer, so play, experiment, and learn new and different lighting situations. However when it comes to your clients, save experiments for a later time. Stick to open shade, diffused lighting, backlighting, or sunup/sundown for the most favorable lighting conditions.


The photo shoot is planned, and your clients are excited! But they might be wondering a few things…

What should we wear?

How should we prepare?

In the process of getting to know the family you are working with, find out how they would like to portray themselves. Is there a story they want to tell with their photos, or are there ideas that will better showcase their personalities? Would they like to use props?

After all of your homework is done; now it is time for the fun part! Get CREATIVE! Take the opportunity to push yourself, and look from within. We find inspiration through music, poetry, movies, and magazines. We also love to use Pinterest to create inspiration boards to spark the creativity of our clients, and us…but remember to use it for just inspiration. Put all of your hard work together and create your own ideas, and your own beautiful work.



Our goal on every shoot is to create a fun and playful atmosphere that will allow clients to be at ease and allow us to capture beautiful and lasting moments. Being confident in what you do goes a long way towards helping your clients feel comfortable. Come prepared to laugh, and do what is necessary to relax everyone. Squeaky toys work wonders for grabbing small children’s attention, and other family members brought along by your client can help pull some great reactions out of everyone. Again, use your creativity...we have gone as far as to promise a child a puppy in exchange for cooperation! (Parents be warned!)

Most of all; enjoy yourself! Enjoy capturing moments, freezing time, evoking emotions, and portraying feeling. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, and enjoy the relationships and friendships you will form.



Ashley & Anna

 Anna Marshall and Ashley Wall are Boise Idaho based Photographers.  They specialize in wedding, newborn and portrait photography.  Their work has been on The Today Show, The Anderson Cooper Show, and Featured on the cover of the Chic Critique magazine.  Both have had successful photography businesses for the past 5 years.  This is their first full year in business together.  Life couldn't be better for these stay at home moms who love dating their husbands, wrestling their kids, and gabbing on the phone all day with each other.  To see more of their work visit their website www.wearebeautifulyou.com or find them on facebook under Beautiful You Custom Portraiture.

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