Importing Images Into Lightroom

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Importing Images Into Lightroom

The Library

When importing images into Lightroom®, the Library is the place to start. After opening Lightroom, make sure the Library module is selected. The word will show white when selected, while the other module names will be gray.

Left Panel

Go to the left panel, and at the bottom you will see an Import button and an Export button. Click on Import.

Now that you have chosen to import, a new tool section on the left panel appears to help you find your images.

The fastest way to import images is by finding them in folders already on your computer hard drive. In the left panel, find and click on the folder you want.

The Center Panel

The center panel now shows the images in your folder. The preview images are easy to see.

Make sure a check mark is in the top left corner of the images you want to import.

Click the Import button at the bottom of the right panel.

Now that you have imported images, you could move on to the Develop module. However, we are going to go over some valuable tools first. These tools will make life easier for you while using Lightroom.

Next post: Introduction to the Bottom Tool Bar in Lightroom.

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