Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera

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The Polaroid Automatic 104 is part of a group of Polaroid cameras from the 100-400 line.  It was produced from 1965-1967, and was one of the earlier consumer models of folding packfilm Land Cameras from the 100-400 series.  It was given the nickname "Electric Eye" because of the external lightmeter beside the lens.  The Polaroid Automatic 104 has a two element plastic lens, as well as a plastic body and shutter housing.  The plastic construction allows for a much lighter camera than some of the older Polaroid models.  It was also Polaroid's goal to offer a more simplified model camera so it could be affordable for every household.       

The camera features a folding bellows and auto exposure.  The camera does not have a typical rangefinder viewfinder with a double image.  Instead of being a true rangefinder, this particular model has a simplified "image sizer" that is used as a focusing aid for portrait shots.  There are two horizontal lines in the viewfinder, and one remains stationary while the other shifts up and down as the camera is focused.  This allows the shooter to adjust the focus so the subject's head fits between the two lines, thus resulting in a properly composed image.  The Polaroid Automatic 104 uses a 532 3V battery, and 100 series packfilm (FujiFilm's FP-100C is readily available today).  Another neat vintage find!       

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Vintage Camera Finds

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With the click of a shutter, a photographer is able to capture a fleeting moment and hold it forever.  It's no wonder that photography is so deeply connected to nostalgia.  For many people, that nostalgic feeling embraces the love of vintage camera equipment as well.  Whether it's the look of vintage gear, the sturdy metal construction of the equipment, or simply the challenge of using a camera from days gone by, vintage photographic items enjoy a strong popularity today.  Below are a few cameras and accessories that make for interesting vintage finds.  Click on the name of the item underneath the image to go straight to the listing.     

The Crown Graphic is a 4x5 folding camera that was produced between 1958-1973.  It is almost identical to the Speed Graphic, but lacks the focal plane shutter.  As a result, the Crown Graphic weighs approximately 1 lb less than the Speed Graphic, which is more ideal for hand held use.  It weighs roughly 4.8 lbs with the included Optar 135mm f4.7 lens.  This particular camera has inoperable shutter speeds, so this vintage beauty would make a great repair project or nice decorative piece.

Straps are definitely a recommended accessory that can help save a camera from a fatal fall.  The nice thing about camera straps is not only are they functional, but they can be stylish as well.  Vintage camera straps in particular have patterns and colors that are a lot of fun.  This style is known as a "hippie" type strap.  The strap is made of cloth and leather, and the clips are made of metal.  It is 2'' wide, adjustable and features a multicolor design.  It works with almost all film and digital camera bodies, so the nostalgic look can be enjoyed with both vintage and modern cameras.      

When collecting vintage equipment, sometimes locating the vintage accessories to accompany the camera can be difficult.  Vintage finds such as the Zeiss Ikon eveready cases are great for protecting your vintage camera, either while in storage or in use.  The cases are made of leather, and have a felt lined interior to prevent scratches.  The bottom part of the case may remain on the camera while in use, and the front flap can either be flipped open or completely detached depending on the preference of the shooter.  This particular lot includes not only the cases, but an array of manuals, film holders and other vintage accessories.  It may just include that missing accessory that you've been trying to locate for your vintage camera! 


The Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera was introduced in late 1972, and was sold nationally by 1973.  It was quite an innovative camera for the time, as it was the first that allowed the shooter to simply focus, press a button and instantly have a photograph that developed in daylight.  The Polaroid SX-70 also has a nifty collapsible body, and a battery that is built into the film pack.  Although Polaroid discontinued production of the film in 2006,  The Impossible Project now makes film for many vintage Polaroid cameras like the SX-70.  This lot of Polaroid SX-70 Land Cameras is a great find for vintage collectors. 

Another neat vintage find is the Kodak Film camera strap.  Not only does it have the same functionality as other vintage straps, it has three elastic slots on the underside to store rolls of film.  It is 2'' wide, and adjustable.  The strap is made of cloth, and it has leather connectors and metal clips.  It features the vintage Kodak film logo, and the eye-catching yellow would add character to any camera.  

Argus C3 Rangefinder

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The Argus C3 is a 35mm rangefinder camera that was made between 1939-1966.  It was mass produced by Argus in Ann Arbor, MI, and was one of the first affordable 35mm cameras in the United States.  As a result, the Argus C3 became one of the top selling cameras in the world, and helped popularize the 35mm format.   The Argus C3 is often referred to as the "Brick" due to the size, shape and weight of the camera.  It weighs approximately 24 oz., and measures 5.25''x2.75''x2'' in size.

The body of the Argus C3 features rugged, molded leather grain and metal trim.  The Argus C3 is entirely manual, has a built in rangefinder that is coupled to the lens and features two eyepieces on the back of the camera.  The right eyepiece is used for focusing the image, and the left eyepiece is used for framing the image.  The camera was originally sold with a leather eveready case with an attached shoulder strap.  The availability, simplicity and durability of the Argus C3 allowed for a long production run of the camera.  It also makes the Argus C3 a nostalgic favorite with collectors today.     

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New Extended Purchasing Hours!

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With the popularity of our extended Sales Department hours, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering new extended Purchasing Department hours as well.

Our Purchasing Department may be reached by telephone at (770) 333-4220 or (800) 342-5534 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m to 9:00 p.m. Eastern time (6:00 p.m. Pacific Time).  That's an extra 3 hours each weekday!

Our extended hours allow us to serve both our East and West Coast customers, as well as our customers all over the world, in the most convenient manner possible.   

We are excited about this change, and look forward to serving both your sales and purchasing needs!  

Revere Stereo 33

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The Revere Stereo 33 is a 35mm stereo rangefinder camera that was introduced in 1953.  It was manufactured in Chicago, IL by the Revere Camera Company.  In the 1950's, they were the second largest manufacturer of movie cameras behind Bell & Howell.  Although primarily known for producing cine equipment, the Revere Camera Company made a handful of still cameras as well. 

Stereo cameras are unique because they feature two lenses that expose two frames at the same time.  This process simulates human binocular vision, and creates a 3D image (a stereo viewer would be needed to view the 3D effect).  The Revere Stereo 33 camera features manual exposure settings and adjustable focus lenses.  It also has the ability to accept a flash and filters.  The Revere Stereo 33 is a sturdy camera made of aluminum, and would be a great addition to a vintage camera collection.  

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Alpa Reflex 6C

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The Alpa Reflex is a 35mm SLR camera that was produced by the Swiss company Pignons SA.  Originally a manufacturer of mechanical parts for clocks and watches, Pignons SA eventually moved into the photographic industry producing high quality, hand crafted cameras.  The goal of the Alpa Reflex was to combine the advantages of reflex viewing and a rangefinder into one well built camera.  The first Alpa Reflex debuted in 1944, and the 6C model was made from 1960-1969.  The 6C was a third generation Alpa SLR, and had the third largest production of the Alpa Reflex models.   

Like all Alpa Reflex models, the 6C has a solid construction, and the light metal design allows for a lighter weight.  The Alpa Reflex 6C features a built in prism that offers TTL framing, focusing and depth of field control.  The body of the Alpa Reflex 6C would have also been protected with a plastic material that would have made it "impervious to sweat, cold, heat and other climatic influences" according to the user manual (courtesy of Camera Manuals).  A nice vintage collectible for the camera lover!   

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Photos of the Month

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All images submitted to and chosen from the KEH Camera Flickr Group pool.  To view a photographer's profile or to enjoy a larger version of their photograph, click on the link below the image to be directed to their Flickr page.

Thank you to our Flickr members for the wonderful submissions.  Please join our group, and your photograph might be featured in next month's post!

Burke & James Orbit 4x5 Monorail

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Burke & James Inc. was a Chicago, IL based camera dealer and manufacturer that operated between 1897-1981.  Burke & James specialized in view cameras, portrait cameras, fingerprint cameras, lenses and darkroom sinks.  The Orbit 4x5 Monorail is a type of large format view camera produced by Burke & James.   

The 1963 Burke & James Photographic Equipment and Instrumentation catalog available HERE (courtesy of Bonus Manuals) has a great vintage advertisement for the Orbit Monorail Camera.  The Orbit boasts features such as a construction of all metal with an "improved design" and corrosion resistance "for use in any climate", plus the eye catching red bellows make the camera an interesting part of photography history.          

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Zeiss Ikon Contarex Bullseye

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The first Contarex, also know as the "Bullseye" or "Cyclops", is a 35mm SLR camera that debuted in 1958.  It was widely available to consumers between 1959-1960, and was produced until 1966.  The "Bullseye" name is derived from the distinctive selenium cell light meter located on the front of the camera.   The Contarex was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon to compete with the Leica rangefinders that dominated the professional 35mm camera industry at the time.

Zeiss Ikon was known for producing top quality cameras, and the Contarex Bullseye was no exception.  It features a rugged construction, and weighs approximately 2.6 lbs.  It is also mechanically complex with over 1,100 parts.  The Contarex it is a well built camera with impeccable attention to detail, and is a desirable piece for collectors.    

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Colorful Cameras For Spring

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Now that Spring is here, the flowers are blooming and there's no better time to enjoy the beautiful colors of the season.  If you're looking to add a vibrant touch to your photography gear, be sure to check out some of the colorful camera equipment available on the KEH Camera website.  Click on the name of the item underneath the image to go straight to the listing.  


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Now through Sunday, enjoy FREE shipping on your order of NEW or USED equipment of $100.00 or more.  We are also in the process of reducing prices on thousands of digital items.  This is a great opportunity to save big on all your favorite digital bodies, lenses and accessories!

To qualify for free shipping, place an order of $100.00 or more of NEW or USED equipment online or by phone between Friday, May 10 and Sunday, May 12 (promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time), and receive FREE shipping via FedEx Ground anywhere in the contiguous United States.  Qualifying international and expedited shipping orders will receive a credit of $9.95 towards shipping costs. Promotion is not applicable to prior purchases or existing orders.

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The KEH Camera Blog and Social Media Department will be on a mini "vacation" between Wednesday, May 1 and Wednesday, May 8.  Our blog and social media activity will resume on Thursday, May 9.

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