Lightroom: Vignetting in Lens Corrections

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Movie Day

Today we are trying some different instruction: We will see a very short movie. I find pictures and movies helpful for different things, and some times I have a preference depending on my needs. Most important to me when I’m learning something is that I get my information quickly and easily. Today’s few-second-long movie clip should help us do just that.

Sweet Little Vignette

Lens Vignetting (pronounced vin-yet) is where a dark edge appears on your image.  This “light falloff” occurs commonly in photography. To learn more about vignetting, what it is, what causes it, what it looks like in different lenses, and when and how to use it artificially, there is a great article at

Under Lens Corrections, you have the option to use the Lens Vignetting tool. This is quick add-or-remove access to a vignette. Use this tool to correct and compensate for your lens vignette, or add the vignette for image effect. Adjust the Midpoint to take the vignette closer to the center (-) or futher away from the center (+).

Lightroom / Develop Module / Lens Corrections / Lens Vignetting Tool

Penny For Your Thoughts?
What is your preference? Do you like written instructions with images like past posts? Maybe movie demos are your thing, or movies with instructions via sound? Or a mix? Would be great to hear back from you!

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