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I am a professional photographer.  I have professional gear.  I have a nice camera and expensive lenses.  I have flashes and strobes.  I have reflectors and tripods.  I have a bad back...

I love to take pictures when I go on adventures with my kids but I HATE carrying all of my very nice and extremely heavy camera equipment when I leave the house. What to do?  Well, I do have this really nice phone with a camera that has more megapixels than my first DSLR.  My iphone camera is actually pretty awesome.   And when I go out with my family that's what I'm using 98% of the time.  I am a professional photographer though and I am super picky about any pictures I take no matter what bit of technology I'm using.  So I have gathered some tips for taking fabulous photographs on your phone.

1.  Everything you have learned about taking good photographs applies to your phone.  Remember your composition, lighting, focus, etc.  And keep in mind that your shutter speed is going to be slower.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  I love some of the blurry action shots I've captured of my kids.  But if you want crisp and clear and sharp make sure your subject is fairly still and you have great light.

2.  Turn off your flash.  Obviously you'll need it in the dark, but if you have even just barely enough light to not have to use it, don't use it.  It is a very harsh little light. You'll get red eyes and bad shadows.

3.  Get close.  Your camera has a fairly wide lens.  It's great for landscapes.  It's great for group shots too.  But if you want faces get close.  Your pics will be sharper if you get physically close instead of trying to zoom in.

4.  Use your filters.  Yes, I said that.  I love my filters.  I have several apps for editing on my phone. Some let me add layers of actions, some are great for fixing white balance and adding fill light.  And I love the fun filters on Instagram.  Sometimes it's just the punch of color or brightness that I need.   Just be aware that a lot of the filters that look great on your screen will actually reduce the resolution and affect the quality of prints.  Which leads to the last tip...

5.  Print the pictures!  Remember that conversation we had last week about printing your photos? Well that doesn't change just because you took the picture on your phone.  You can download apps from several of the popular online printers and send your images to them right from your phone. Then the prints just show up in your mailbox like magic!  You can also design photo books and other products with your phone pics.  Too easy!

I really love my professional DSLR.  It's still my favorite way to capture images.  But until the day they make one that will fit in my pocket I will continue my love affair with iPhoneography too.