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Welcome to the KEH Camera blog!  We post information for all levels of photographers, from beginner to professional, and everything in between.

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Since 1979, we have been serving customers worldwide looking for the best value in service and equipment. Our constantly replenished inventory of over 65,000 items allows us to offer an unprecedented selection of photographic equipment for every taste and budget.  Click HERE to browse our huge selection of new and used photographic equipment.

We have consistently paid top market prices for clean, used gear. We offer free incoming shipping, fast equipment evaluations and the convenience of receiving payment via check or PayPal. Selling your used photo equipment has never been so easy!  Click HERE to access our Online Quote Wizard.  If you'd like to sell your used photo equipment face-to-face, our road buyers may be visiting a town near you.  Please contact us at purchasing@keh.com for more information.        

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